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Feature, Rom Com, 115 minutes

Heartbroken, hometown marine biologist Hollie Ryan wants nothing more than a change of scenery post-breakup, but her plans to leave Little Cayman Island are interrupted by the rapid recolonization of the invasive lionfish. Will her love for the ocean be enough to save the very reefs that raised her AND heal her broken heart? Perhaps the arrival of a heartthrob documentarian will show Hollie that she is, in fact, still quite a catch…

Too Many Fish in the Sea was the first place winner of the 2023 Alfred P. Sloan Script Competition at Carnegie Mellon University for the best screenplay furthering the public understanding of science and technology. Learn more HERE!

Link to Variety press release!

Too Many Fish in the Sea also advanced to the quarterfinals of Final Draft's 2023 Big Break Screenwriting Contest, which annually received nearly 10,000 submissions. More HERE!

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